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Metroid Cinematica is a new album based on the music of the Metroid games.

Themes from across the series are featured and re-imagined as a film style score.


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Harmony Of Heroes is out finally!


Over one hundred tracks of music from the Smash Bros games, with remixes from a ton of musicians- including myself.  Featured here is my song from the album, Dark Horizons :)  It's a big suite comprising many of the darker themes from the Legend Of Zelda series.  If you love the music of Smash Bros, a.k.a.

pretty much everything from Nintendo, be sure to check out the album!

  • Original Music

  • Game Remixes

  • Golden Age Soundtrack

Beyond music I am also very much a visual artist.  I love to doodle and sketch on paper as well as digitally, and also create 3D animation.  Most of my artwork is done for my own game projects, but I also take commissions.

Cinematic music video for my song, Beyond The Glass.

From Harmony Of A Hunter, this features a full-fledged

animated opening.  Took about six months to create.

Trailer for the Smash Bros. album, Harmony Of Heroes.

It started from the idea of having a rap-battle between

Mario and Donkey Kong, mainly static character shots.

My passion for creating games goes back to childhood, as I sat around designing new levels for Mega Man or Metroid, and I knew I wanted to make my own someday.

After spending several years focusing on music and animation, I've finally begun to get back around to finishing some of my game projects started over the years.

Most of them exist as simple engine tests or demo levels, so there's not much to show at the moment.  But I plan to start releasing some full PC games soon.

Example Game:  Cybovore

This isn't much of a game really.  I was commissioned to produce a sci-fi graphics library for a game resource kit  a few years back.   They asked if I could also make a basic game demo out of the graphics to show what they could do, and this is the result.  Took about two days.  It's basically an old-school space shooter, like R-Type and the like.  Nothing fancy, few levels, some power-ups and two bosses.  Takes about 15 min to beat.


Kinda hard hehe, press CTRL to roll and dodge bullets!

These so-called internal arts have quite a lot more

than simply "punching and kicking" and are often

misunderstood thanks to confusion regarding

esoteric concepts such as "chi" and energy.


They are an important part of my life however-

physically and mentally, and define who I am right

alongside my music and other nerdy aspects.

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People have asked, so I've included some brief info about my martial arts practice.

I am a practitioner of Daoqiquan, which for the past few hundred years has been a private family system in China; an extensive collection of martial arts, philosophy, meditation and health skills all of which are developed to a very high degree.

Among Daoqiquan are classical Chinese martial arts, some of which I study:


Xing Yi Quan, or "Mind Shape Boxing" is a very powerful fighting art which uses

the Five Elements- water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, to deliver devastating strikes.  It's a concise, militaristic style that is very practical and effective.


Tai Ji Quan, more commonly called Tai Chi, is a very deep art that is rooted in

combat- not "slow moving health exercise" as many believe it to be.  It uses the concepts of yin and yang to neutralize attacks and destroy the enemy's balance.


You can download all of my music in one big collection right here :)

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